Friday, September 24, 2010

I Am That Mom

In my last post I talked about the many different kinds of  moms out there. There are those moms who let their kids have a paci 'til they're three and those moms who would rather eat dirt than give their kid a paci in the first place. There are those moms who live by a 'no tv allowed' policy and those moms whose kids know each day's line-up by heart. Motherhood comes in all shapes and sizes, modes and fashions, and this and thats. I've asked for you to volunteer YOUR motherhood perspective for me to share with my readers. Well, I feel it's only fair you get to hear mine as well.

So, without further adieu:

I am that mom who enjoyed all of about three days of her entire pregnancy.....feeling fat, tired, and ready to yack is not exactly my idea of fun.

I am that mom who had never spent an hour alone with a newborn baby until mine came home from the hospital.

I am that mom who, prior to having kids, believed that every day in the life of a mother was filled with giggles, grins, and nothing but love and peaceful bliss.  I am also that mom who cried when she realized that kind of motherhood only exists in 1950's TV shows.

I am that mom who swore my kids would never watch TV; we are now the proud owners of every Barbie movie ever made.

I am that mom who once thought hair-bows on babies were silly....see exhibit of my child below:

I am that mom who used to say things like, "what is wrong with those parents? Don't they hear that baby crying? Seriously-- can't they make it stop?" I now know that sometimes that's just not an option and that the crying probably bothers them far more than it bothers me.

I am that mom who sometimes 'fake cleans' my house before guests come over just so they'll THINK I have it all together. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, 'fake cleaning' involves taking everything that doesn't have a place and shoving it somewhere, such as under a bed, in the laundry room, in the trunk of the car, or in the bathtub with the curtain closed.

I am that mom who does her best to get her kids to eat healthy but keeps a box of fish sticks and a can of ravioli on hand for 'it's just not happening tonight' kind of day.

I am that mom who stays home and now wonders how I EVER had time to work.

I am that mom who stays up at night and stresses about things like if my girls will get made fun for the poofy hair I'm sure they inherited from me and are bound to one day have or if the Libster will EVER stop sucking her thumb in her sleep.

I am that mom who sometimes sit in my jammies all day long because I literally didn't have a chance to get dressed that day.

I am that mom who sings ridiculous songs in the car to my kiddos...and prays no one ever overhears me.

I am that mom who thought all those 'labor terror stories' might just be from women who aren't as 'tough' as I am and then went to the hospital to check in after my water broke and said, "Hi, I'm McCall, my water broke. I'd like get an epidural and then check in, in that order, please."

I am that mom who fusses at my kid for losing things (bows, shoes, whatever) and then feels terribly guilty the next time I can't find something.

I am that mom who secretly WISHES I had it all together like some of my friends do.

I am that mom who swore I'd NEVER have a second child and now wouldn't trade her for anything in this world...and is now struggling with whether or not I want a third one.

I am that mom who can cook dinner, bathe the baby, talk on the phone, clean the bathroom, and fold clothes...all at the same time.

I am that mom who continues to be shocked at how much junk and how many crumbs continually occupy my backseat. 

I am that mom who apologizes to my mom regularly for all the drama I must have caused as a kid because I now totally get it.

I am that mom who secretly thinks my kid if the smartest, cutest kid ever....and I'm sure you can relate.

I am that mom who truly wonders sometimes if I'm qualified for this job.

I am that mom who could literally listen to my kids laugh all. day. long. and be perfectly content.

I am that mom who never in a million years would have believed it possible to love something as much as I love my babies.

And I am that mom who is a firm believer in the notion that:

Enjoy? I hope so. Now it's your turn! I'd love to hear from you and learn what kind of mom YOU are. Send me a line from the post you'll write if chosen to guest post during the second week of October. Your post by no means has to be like mine...this is just one way you could choose to tell me about the mom that YOU have become. You can leave it here in a comment or e-mail it to me at I'll chose the winners next Tuesday, September 28th and will announce them next Wednesday, September 29th. In your comment or e-mail please don't forget to include your name and blog address. I can't wait to hear from YOU!


  1. McCall- This turned out so cute!! I am so glad you shared! It was so much fun for me to read!! :)

  2. I loved this.

    And trust me, NONE of your friends have it all together. If they do, get new friends. :)

    I am that mom who works part time but sends her kid to daycare even when I'm not working, because I think he learns more and eats healthier there.

    There, I said it. My kid goes to daycare while I lay at home with morning sickness. I've been feeling terribly guilty about it. But it makes my life so much easier.

  3. MCCall- I loved this post. I finished reading, and realized I was crying. I can relate to so many things that you said about motherhood

    Before I became a Mom I didn't understand why Mothers let their children out of the house after they have dressed themselves in mismatched clothes. I now realize that if I get out the door in the morning with my smallest problem being my daughters clothes do not match, I am having a GREAT day!

    I always heard my mom say, "I don't care if you don't think I am a friend to you, my job is to be your Momma", and I told myself I would be my child's best friend. I now find that worry most about doing my job as a Mom and never worry if she considers me her best friend.

    I am the mom who always talked bad about people who constantly sent their kids away or pawned them on a family member. Tonight I found myself begging my mom to let Anna-Claire spend the night.

    Before I became a Mom, I thought that women who posted pictures of their children on blogs and social network pages were crazy and obessesed. I now boast a Facebook full of pictures of my girls and I am proud of it!

    I love you McCall! I am so blessed to have a close friend like you who understands me so well. I am so proud of you!


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