Thursday, September 23, 2010

Soundtrack of Me- Part 2

If you missed the first edition of this, no problem! You can find it here.
I realize this is long overdue. However, I plead life. You know how sometimes life gets so busy and overwhelming that forget to do things you had really good intentions of doing, like write thank you notes, sew that button back on,  and finish blog posts. So, here is the 'highly anticipated' second installment of the soundtack of me.

5. My "I wanna be loved like that" song

I swear if Jack Johnson could follow me around all day and serenade me, my world would SO be a better place. And here's the song I'd request first.

6. My motto song

I do believe if you could wrap me up and put me in a song, here's how I'd sound. This song is so me. And I happen to love it. I'd say that's a success of sorts. Agreed?

7. My All-Time Favorite Song Ever

I can't help it. I love this song. I love (almost) all of the versions. This, however, happens to be my favorite version of my favorite song. Enjoy. :

8. My "I So Shouldn't Love This Song but I can't Help Myself" Song
Remember folks, this happens to be a judge- free zone. So if you're here to judge, you're in the wrong place. Although this song may be on the most annoying songs of all time list, I happen to love it. It makes me giggle. I especially love the remix you will find when you click right here:

The third and final part of this post will be coming soon...for real this's a promise.

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