Wednesday, March 13, 2013

If We're Gonna Be Friends....

So I have some new followers lately. Welcome! Happy to have you. 
And now that we're 'friends', here are some things I think you might want to know....

-I'm loyal. To the core. I choose my friends carefully, and if you are in my inner circle I will do whatever I can for you. I will think of you and pray for you and help you. I will also be honest with you; I'm not afraid to say the hard stuff or to say I love you. 

-I'm random, sometimes to a fault. I love spur of the moments and unplanned adventures. Some of my fondest memories have come from unexpected, spur of the moment ideas.

-I'm not afraid for people to not like me. In fact, I think it's to be expected. I try to live my life to please God, not the world. It's only natural that the world would not always agree with me. 

-I'm not easily embarrassed or intimidated. I'm okay with looking like a total idiot. I also don't mind being the bad guy when the time calls for it. 

-I think I do a good job of loving unconditionally. 
If my friend is hurting, I'm hurting. 
If my friend if happy, I'm happy. 

-I really try to live based on the idea of treating others the way we want to be treated. 

-I am the friend who will remember the little stuff. 
I believe in birthdays and touch base texts in the middle of the night. 
I mean it when I say I will drop anything for a friend in need.
I think that's how it should be. 

-I fully believe it's better to receive and mean it when I say I'd rather give five gifts than get even one. 

Speaking of friends, one of my closest is really hurting right now. 
Would you please pray for her and her family? 
I'd truly, truly appreciate it. 

Here's hoping your week is full of sunshine and rainbows. 

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  1. prayers for your friend!! ((hugs)) for you! I knew within a minute of meeting you, that you were this kind of person! love ya!


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